Remember watching The Jetsons and Star Trek and longing for the day when our reality would match up with the innovation of the future? Scissortail NWA builders can make this dream come true with smart home technologies. Every day, technology gets a little bit more advanced and a whole lot more convenient. Scissortail smart homes offer the perfect blend of the luxury we desire and the convenience we expect. So, what can make a Scissortail house a smart home?


Smart home systems have seriously upgraded how homeowners function in their home. Now, with a light touch on a tablet, you can control the lighting of your home from anywhere. Custom-tailored lighting control allows you to create personalized lighting options for multiple situations including nighttime, watching a movie, or even when you’re entertaining. With one press of a button, you can create the ideal atmosphere for every event in your life. With the ability to turn lights off from anywhere, smart-home lighting saves your home energy which saves you money. Smart lighting control also connects with your home alarm system to turn all lights on in the case of a break in or any uninvited activity.


Smart- home appliances also allow you to control your climate from the same screen you control your lighting.  Did you head out on a work trip and leave your AC blasting? Are you returning from vacation on a cold day and need to turn back on the heat? Never worry about wasting energy from your heating and air unit again. Running your HVAC unit can be expensive, but climate control solutions are cost-effective and save your home energy. With smart home innovations, your lighting and climate systems are as convenient as you need them to be.


Most smart homes are fitted with fiber optic cable which allows for high-speed data connection. With this innovation, homeowners can find networking solutions that satisfy all your system needs. This includes your TV, telephone, music, security, control system and mobile devices in your smart home network. Fiber optic cable offers high-performance data networking which means that there is less electromagnetic interference. Having this convenience means that your Netflix will spend less time buffering and more time seamlessly streaming your favorite episodes of The Office. Stop waiting around for things to load and start living in the innovation of the future.

Scissortail knows that combining luxury and convenience together in a house can make the home. NWA builders do a phenomenal job when building homes and Scissortail has eight of the best construction companies in the state. You may find that one of our eight builders fits your style perfectly. Check out our website to see currently available homes and floor plans from our eight exclusive builders.  

If you are looking for a new home in a place where you can belong and grow, look no further than Scissortail NWA

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