With Easter just a couple of weeks away, it’s time to start planning your Easter fun activities. Below are some clever ways to enjoy your Easter celebrations at home. 

10 Creative Ideas for Easter at Home

Here are some great ideas to help you make Easter Sunday like a mini Christmas in your home this year. 

Decorate Easter Eggs 

Decorating Easter eggs is a timeless tradition the whole family will enjoy! There’s just something magical about transforming a boring egg into a vibrant, colorful work of art. Here are thirty creative egg dying ideas

Make Peeps Houses

Chrismas Gingerbread houses have met their match. Say hello to Peeps Houses! They’re super easy to make and tons of fun to do with the kids, friends, or family. Up the ante and have a family contest. The winner gets bragging rights until next Easter. 

Create Bunny Trail Easter Garland

Do you have cotton balls, yarn, a bunny cutout, and scrapbook paper? Good. You have everything you need to create this fun decorative garland. No skills required. Here’s how!  

Easter Bunny Party Hats

Don’t forget the party hats! Your mini partygoers will love making and wearing them. Take a family photo to commemorate the holiday. Here’s what you’ll need

Plan an Egg Scavenger Hunt

Grab a bag of plastic eggs for an egg scavenger hunt. It’s easy. Just put a clue in each egg that leads to the next one. Don’t forget to have a grand prize Easter Basket waiting for them at the end of the hunt. 

Plan a Virtual Easter Brunch

Still social distancing? Or do you have family that lives too far away, but you want them to join the festivities? Plan a virtual Easter brunch. Schedule a Facetime or Zoom with friends or family and plan to eat a celebratory meal together. 

Put on a Cupcake Decorating Competition

Whip up some homemade cupcakes and let everyone decorate their own. Choose someone to judge the competition. The winner gets a special Easter Basket prize. 

Work on an Easter Puzzle

Grab a Spring Puzzle or create a personal photo puzzle by adding an Easter message or cute pictures of your family. Then, hide the individual pieces in the eggs and put them together after the hunt. 

Host an Easter Outfit Fashion Show

Have a little extra fun with your Easter outfits. Have a friends and family Easter fashion show! Play some runway music, strike a pose for the cameras, and video the experience to share with family. 

Have an Egg Hunt with a Twist

Place little messages inside plastic eggs that tell your kids to do something fun—like hopping like a bunny or singing a song while searching for the next egg.

Easter Fun in 2021

We hope that your Easter at home is special and memorable. Who knows. Maybe you’ll start a few new Easter fun traditions you’ll want to celebrate year after year. 

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