Now that Mother’s Day has come and gone, it’s time to plan and grow a garden for this summer and fall. Whether it’s a flower garden or a vegetable garden, follow these steps, and you’ll have a beautiful harvest to enjoy. 

6 Steps to Plan and Grow a Garden

Ready to get started? Here’s how you can reap the fragrant, bountiful rewards for your effort. 

Decide What to Grow

The first step is to decide what you want to grow, a flower or a vegetable garden? Do you want low-maintenance plants? Fruit trees? Or do you envision a whimsical mix of wildflowers and annuals? Make a wish list of your ideas, including the plants you want to include in your garden. 

Do a Little Research

A little research goes a long way to set you up for success. Here are some questions to ask about the plants you have on your “wish list.” 

  1. What’s the ideal environment for each of the plants on your list?
  2. What are their sunlight and water needs?
  3. How high does each one typically grow, and how far does it spread?
  4. Is the plant a perennial or an annual?
  5. Do they require a certain pH level in which to thrive? 
  6. Can you companion plant among your selections?

Make a Plan

Now, it’s time to make a plan. Draw the plan out on a piece of paper or use gardening software. Choose a location for your garden. Determine the color scheme based on the plants you’ve selected. Combine plants of varying sizes and heights (shortest to tallest) to give your garden a pleasing texture. Consider what elements you’ll add, such as boulders, river rock, bark, or other garden ornaments. 

Test the Soil

It’s time to test your soil’s pH levels. Purchase a pH kit from your local hardware store or garden center. Then, make any adjustments to ready the soil for your plants. 

Invest in Supplies

You’ll need some supplies to complete the job. Some things you may need are:

  • Gardening Tools
  • Soil Amendments
  • Weed Barrier
  • Irrigation System
  • Garden Borders

And last but not least, you’ll need to buy seeds or starter plants. 

Get Busy Planting

Now that you’ve done all the preliminary groundwork, it’s time to do the groundwork literally! Grab your tools, seeds or plants, gloves, and plenty of water, and start transforming a blank slate into the garden you envisioned.  

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