What makes a great neighborhood? Let’s find out. 

7 Keys to a Great Neighborhood

Keep in mind that when you’re in the market for a new place to live, you aren’t just buying a house; you’re becoming a part of a community. Here are seven keys to a great neighborhood. 

1. Matches Your Lifestyle

A great neighborhood is in sync with your lifestyle. Assess where you are right now. Is the neighborhood near entertainment, great shopping, or does it have the amenities you desire? 

2. Ownership Pride

You can tell a lot about an area by how much pride homeowners take in maintaining their homes, property, and the overall neighborhood. A community where neighbors connect and create local groups that bring residents together is a great place to live. 

3. Low Crime Rate

Low crime rates provide a sense of ease and calm. Crime is a quick way to discern if a neighborhood is great or not. Luckily for us, it’s easy to check the crime rates in this digital age. 

4. Excellent Schools

Great schools are another top priority for house shoppers and what makes a great neighborhood. Not only are excellent schools important for families, but it also makes surrounding properties more valuable and sought after, keeping property values strong. 

5. Outdoor Adventures

Neighborhoods close, or reasonably close to great outdoor activities, sweeten the appeal of communities. 

6. Family Friendly

A neighborhood with lots of other families is a real draw for buyers with children or grandchildren. It opens up so many opportunities for children to play, socialize, and make lifelong friends. It’s great for parents too. A neighborhood overflowing with kiddos means more families to form carpooling groups and other children’s programs. 

7. Nearby Shopping & Entertainment

Having great markets, eateries, and a thriving nightlife closeby could be one of the things that make a neighborhood come alive. How close you want it depends on your lifestyle. However, everyone appreciates a community where the hot spots are within walking distance or a short ride away. 

Not all communities are created equal. You’ll need to evaluate the prospective neighborhood to see if it matches your needs at this point in your life.

What do you love about your neighborhood?

It’s Time to Start Living Your Best Life

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With great shopping and dining options just a short drive away, and plenty of great outdoor adventures outside your door, Scissortail is the oasis you deserve. 

It’s time to start living your best life at Scissortail. Contact us today about upgrading your lifestyle.  

I’m ready to Live My Best Life

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