In Part 1 we covered five of the top architectural styles: Cape Cod, Colonial, Craftsman, the Modern Farmhouse, and Mediterranean Revival. Here’s a quick summary of five more to choose from when building a home.  

5 Custom Design Architectural Styles


Modern architecture is not the same as contemporary. Contemporary design refers to the current architectural trends, while modern architecture refers to creations inspired by the historical modernism movement. Modernism was born during industrialization to make architecture more functional while maintaining simplicity. 

Modern architectural home design has an open floor plan and favors function over form. 


Prairie architecture, developed by American Architect Frank Lloyd Wright, is a home inspired by its environment. This design style’s goal is to be harmonious with the environment that surrounds it. 

Prairie-style homes feature natural materials such as wood, brick, or stucco. Other characteristics include keeping everything horizontally oriented, low-slung flat roof, and a free-flowing layout. 

The prairie home is like a public space with an asymmetrical floor plan centered on the living spaces like the living and dining rooms. 


Popularized in the 1950s, the ranch-style home (aka rambler) is a single-story home with a long, close-to-the-ground profile. They’re usually either “L” or “U” shaped, which allows for easy connection to the outdoors and easy division between living and sleeping spaces. 


A transitional architectural style blends classic and contemporary styles. Since it’s a mix of styles, it doesn’t’ have distinct characteristics. However, easily identifiable because it doesn’t fit into a specific genre. 

Combining different element styles can be overwhelming. Therefore, transitional architectural homes keep the design simple and ornaments at a minimum, use a neutral color palette, and feature impactful art pieces that are typically focal points of the house. 


Victorian homes are typically elaborate, two-story homes with intricate details inside and out. They have asymmetrical floor plans, steep roof pitches with dormers, large ornate porches connected to multiple rooms, and grand towers and turrets. 

They tend to don ornate trim, whimsical colors, eyebrow windows, decorative railings, complex floor plans—scattered and irregular-shaped rooms.

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