August is National Curb Appeal Month. And, even though August is almost over, it’s still the perfect time to give your home’s exterior a refresh or show off your personality. Here are some fun curb appeal ideas for your house. 

Give it a Vintage Flare

Retro shows no sign of slowing down. Use a repurposed cart, fun planters, and personalized accents to bring out the vintage flare on your porch. 

Show Off Your Blooms

Add container plants and turn your home’s entry into an inviting focal point. Vary the plant and container sizes and arrange them on multiple levels.  

Unique House Numbers

A fun cub appeal idea is to incorporate unique house numbers. They can add a playful, happy pop of your personality to your home. Here are some creative ideas you could try. 

Illuminate Pathways

Curb appeal doesn’t have to end when the sun goes down. Highlight pathways and trees with landscape lighting to give your home dramatic nighttime appeal.

Create Porch Appeal

If you have a sizable front porch, use it to create a simple but outdoor room. Add comfortable chairs or a bench to create a conversation nook. Keep the porch clutter-free and open for cozy gatherings.

Boost Basic Concrete Walkways

Install brick edging or apply a colorful concrete stain to a plain concrete walkway. Smooth the transition between the street and your front steps. Surround the walkway with midsized shrubs and flowers in groups to grab the attention of passerby’s.

Plant Trees

If you’re staying put for a while, plant some oaks, maples, or other large, robust species of trees. Or, you could add some ornamental, fast-growing trees that add a dramatic appeal without requiring years to get established. Some great ornamental trees to consider are the pagoda dogwood, redbud, flowering pear, or Japanese maple. 

Window Curb Appeal Ideas

House shutters add style to characterless windows. Consider painted trim in a modern color to create a playful contrast. Add window boxes filled with lush foliage to bring life to your home’s exterior.

Happy National Curb Appeal Month! What have you done to boost your home’s curb appeal? 

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