Relocating to a new city or neighborhood is exciting. It can also be a bit lonely at first. That’s why we’ve put together this list. Here are five ways to get to know your new community and settle in. 

1. Meet the neighbors.

When you get to know your neighbors, your community begins to feel more welcoming. One way to meet the neighbors is to spend time in your front yard so you can say hello to the passersby.

2. Take a walk or bike ride. 

One of the easiest ways to become familiar with your new area is to explore on a walk or bike ride. Get the family together (don’t forget the dog) and hit the pavement. It’ll help open the door to meet families in your new neighborhood.   

3. Check out local organizations. 

What local charities or events can you get involved with and meet new people? Does your neighborhood have a homeowner’s association or neighborhood watch you can join? You might even see if there is a community planning group to visit.

4. Explore your community online. 

You can learn quite a bit about your new community by surfing the web. Check out local businesses using consumer review websites like Yelp. Also, the Chamber of Commerce is a great resource. Check to see if your neighborhood has a Facebook page. Almost every neighborhood has a Facebook page now. 

5. Attend community celebrations. 

Community celebrations are a great way to get to know your new community and to meet new friends. Most cities have special parades, festivals, or street fairs. Check out public events online or in free publications. Also, pay attention to announcements in the windows of local businesses. You just might find a great event to attend. 

Each community has its own personality. If you find ways to connect with people and places, eventually your new neighborhood will feel like home.

Make Scissortail You New Home

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Welcome home! 


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