There are so many positives to building community in a neighborhood. Not only does it help create a sense of belonging, but it provides mental and physical boosts as well. Here are 19 ideas you can use to take steps to create community involvement where you live. 

19 Ideas for Building Community 

  1. Hang out on your front porch. 
  2. Build a Little Free Library
  3. Organize a block party.
  4. Build a community garden.
  5. Host a backyard movie night. 
  6. Create a tool-sharing program in the neighborhood. 
  7. Welcome new families with yummy baked goods that say, “we’re glad you’re here.”
  8. Celebrate Neighborhood Day
  9. Host a regular monthly gathering at the same time with no RSVP needed. 
  10. Start a neighborhood book club.
  11. Host a porch party
  12. Shop locally. You never know who you’ll run into while you’re out.
  13. Buy that lemonade from the neighborhood kid’s stand. 
  14. Share your skills. Your neighbors would love for you to share your skills with them, either by teaching them or just helping on a one-time basis.
  15. Talk to other parents at the park or playground. 
  16. Coordinate a neighborhood yard sale.
  17. Start a networking group. Meet up at a neighborhood coffee shop and publicize it on their community board to cast a broader net in the neighborhood.
  18. Share small holiday gifts at holiday times. Keep it simple. You could share baked goods, seasoned popcorn, or other treats.
  19. Drive like your kids live there…because they do! 

Scissortail is where people not only live, work, and play, but build community, put down roots, and get involved in a way that creates a better quality of life for themselves, neighbors, and the community at large. Isn’t it time you called Scissortail home?

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