Are you considering a new construction home? Buying or building a new home can actually be a big money-saver. Let’s separate fact from fiction and put some wisdom to the truth test. 

5 New Construction Homes Myths

Myth: New homes are more expensive.

While the situation can vary, new construction homes can indeed cost more per square foot than resale homes because of the included options and features. However, there are several ways that a newly built home can save you in the long run, such as

  • Lower Insurance premiums. New home policies are often about half the price of an older house of a similar size. 
  • Lower Monthly Utility Bills. Everything in a new home is well…NEW! New construction homes offer high-efficient appliances, upgraded water heaters and HVAC systems, and more.  
  • Home Warranties. Many builders offer a home warranty.

Myth: It’s cheaper to remodel my current home instead of buying a new home. 

Remodeling a house isn’t as cheap as you think. It can cost as much as twice the cost per square foot as building new. Buying a used home can mean you get a house built under old building codes, which may mean less energy-efficient and potential problems with old HVAC systems, old windows, or an old roof. 

Myth: An older home is better for the environment.

Newly constructed houses are much better for the environment in many ways. Not only are they far more energy-efficient than a typical used home, but they also adhere to the ever-evolving green building practices. 

Myth: New homes aren’t built like they used to.

Construction technology has advanced leaps and bounds. Today’s homes feature innovative products, built with higher quality materials, and are increasingly more environmentally and budget-friendly than ever before. 

Myth: Buying or building in a planned community means “cookie-cutter” houses. 

The truth is that this depends on the builder and the community. In Scissortail, you’ll never have to worry about that. Our homes are never cookie-cutter. 

All of our homes are uniquely designed and constructed by our eight exclusive builders. Each one takes the time to build a home that personally reflects you, with creative features, floor plans that let you define your space to suit your tastes and lifestyle. 

So, let’s get started!


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