Nothing is more important to a family relocating with school-aged children than local schools. Parents want to know that they find the best school district for their kids to flourish. 

How to Find the Best School District

Moving to a new area brings many challenges, like buying a new home in a great school district. You’ve spent years in your current place getting to know the local school leadership, teachers, and faculty, and now you have to start all over. Here’s how to find the best school district in your new city. 

Get Online

It may have been years since you last compared schools, but online resources make it easier than ever. is a great place to start. The website has valuable information parents need to check out local schools. Use the filters to narrow your search by grade level, rating, and more. Great Schools uses several factors to rate school districts that range from test scores to equity for all students. 

Also, be sure to check out the user reviews on the website. The reviews are a collection of local parents who share how they think their school is doing. Insights like these are priceless. 

Check with Local Realtors

Ask your real estate agent where to find the best school districts. Realtors understand how key school ratings are to potential homebuyers. That’s why they stay on top of the local school district’s reputation for test scores and overall ratings.  

Search Google Map

Google has some amazing technology that allows you to zoom in on an area. Search the specific school you’re interested in, and related points will pop up on the map. You can even click on the school point for additional details, including reviews, directions from your new home to the school, and street views.  

Tour the Local Schools

Now that you have a better understanding of the area schools, it’s time to take a tour. Visiting a school is the only way to get a true feel for it. Call the local school and request a tour or attend an open house event. While you’re visiting, notice how the people interact and how well it’s maintained. Also, ask the faculty questions

Get Student Input

Don’t underestimate student input. When available, ask students questions about their school. How do they feel about it in general? Do they like their teachers? What extracurricular activities does the school provide? Are they excited about classes? 

Check Real Estate Listing Sites

Real estate listing sites like and have information about schools nearby.

Choose Scissortail

At Scissortail, you’ll not only find the best school district; you’ll create a better quality of life for you and your family. Choose Scissortail, and you’ll enjoy building relationships, putting down roots, and getting involved in the community.  

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