Keep Your Kids Safe this Halloween 

Halloween can be safely enjoyed — especially when parents put care into planning and supervision. Here are some Halloween safety tips to follow to keep your family safe.

Carve Safely

Consider these safety rules before decorating pumpkins. 

  • Consider alternatives to carving. Decorate with markers, glitter glue, or paint and let your young children draw faces on them instead. 
  • Light pumpkins with flashlights, battery-operated flameless candles, or glow stick instead of real candles. 

Get Clever with Costumes

Costumes are an important part of the festivities but choose them wisely. Here are five costume safety tips to follow:

  1. The brighter the better. Choose bright colors and a costume with flame-retardant materials.  
  2. Attach reflective tape to their costume or treat bag. 
  3. Make sure your child’s costume is loose enough to wear warm clothing underneath, but not long enough to cause tripping. Avoid oversized shoes and heels. 
  4. Skip the masks. Masks can obstruct your child’s vision, especially if it slips out of place. Also, check that any make-up you choose is non-toxic. 
  5. Avoid pointed props such as wands, swords, and knives. 

Trick-Or-Treating Tips

Before you and your children head out to trick-or-treat, review these safety tips.

  • Pin a piece of paper with your child’s name, address, and phone number inside their pocket in case you get separated. 
  • Encourage older kids to trick-or-treat with friends, parents, or older siblings. 
  • Make sure someone in the group has a flashlight.
  • Set ground rules and plan a familiar route with a curfew.
  • Review safety rules such as staying with the group, walking on sidewalks if possible, approaching only clearly lit homes, and never going inside a home or car for a treat. 
  • Send a cell phone with your child. 
  • Avoid letting them eat candy as they are trick-or-treating until you’ve inspected them. Discard anything that isn’t sealed, weed out any allergens or choking hazards.
  • Ration the loot! Ok. What we really mean here is save some for yourself. But really, consider dolling out a few pieces at a time. 

Stay Safe on the Home Front

You can make your house safe for Halloween with these five tips:

  1. Put away any tripping hazards such as hoses, toys, or bikes. 
  2. Clear wet leaves, snow or other debris.
  3. Turn on the lights and replace any burned-out bulbs to ensure walkway visibility to the front door.
  4. Take no chances that your pet might be frightened and chase or bite a child at your door. Keep them in a bedroom or kennel if they are crate trained. 
  5. Consider a sugar substitute. You could give out stickers, fun pencils, or colored chalk. 

Additional Halloween Safety Tips

Consider planning a candy swap with friends or neighbors if trick-or-treating isn’t right for your child. Invite guests to wear costumes, eat snacks, and play games. Or, check with local schools or community centers for other options. 

Are you driving on Halloween? Watch out for children crossing the street. Be especially careful entering and leaving driveways and alleys. Take it slow! Extra caution can help ensure a safe Halloween for everyone.

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