You have a lot to consider when you’re shopping for your next home. But what lies beyond the property line may matter more than you think. You can always change a home, but you can’t change the neighborhood. What matters most to potential future buyers is location, safety, and how the area makes them feel. 

The area you choose to purchase a home in is not only important for enjoying your home, but also to the value of your home over time. Here are eight neighborhood perks to look for when house hunting, even if you never intend to use them. 

Grocery Stores

If you want to know about the neighborhood you’re looking at, check out the grocery stores. Access to fresh food and closeness to popular food stores can be enticing to future buyers.

Easy Access to Work

One thing people want is easy access to work. Even if you plan to commute to the next town or prefer living further from the office, many professionals want to be close to their job so they can combine work and play more seamlessly. 

Top-Notch Education

Of all the local amenities that can influence a buyer’s decision to purchase a home, proximity to excellent schools is one of the most influential. Even if you don’t have children or planning for private education, the benefits of living in a neighborhood zoned for top schools are a great incentive to the next buyers of your home with school-age children. 

Access to Shopping

Beyond access to food, nearness to retail stores can also be a sign of future growth for a neighborhood, especially when you see recognizable brands. It could indicate that larger companies have considered the area and expect success. 

Neighborhood Identity

One important factor driving new property development these days is the identity of the neighborhood. The ambiance of the community may not be a big deal to you, but if you can buy a new home in an area with a unique identity, you’re likely to see it reflected in home prices when you decide to sell. 

Amenities & Parks

Neighborhood amenities are quickly becoming pursued by buyers. Living in a community that offers great amenities will make it more enjoyable while you and your family live there. Plus, it can help boost your home value and sell-ability. 

Choosing a home near a public park (or a private park for residents) may also be valuable if you should decide to sell down the road. 

If you’re looking for a new home in Bentonville with all the perks listed in this article, Scissortail is the right neighborhood for you. We built this master-planned community with you in mind. 

We are located within minutes from great restaurants, shopping favorites, highly acclaimed schools, resort-style amenities, entertainment, and have a unique identity with easy access to area business hubs. 

It’s not hard to see why Scissortail is the most sought-after neighborhood in Northwest Arkansas. We invite you to visit and see why your journey continues at Scissortail.

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