If you happen to have a green thumb and love to spend time outdoors in the garden planting, trimming, and nurturing plants, this article probably isn’t for you. But if you’re looking for beautiful low maintenance landscaping ideas then dive right in. Here are seven ideas for the gorgeous yard you desire without breaking your back. 

Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas

1. Fill the flower Beds with Rubber Mulch.

Mulch helps keep weeds at bay. But, with wood mulching, you’ll need to replace it each year. Rubber mulch not only looks great, but it’s also a great way to recycle, it’s safe for pets, and it lasts for years. 

2. Plant some evergreens.

Evergreens are an excellent investment. While they may be pricey on the front-end, they are well worth the money. Your home can look beautiful even in the dead of winter adding instant curb appeal year-round. Plus, it’ll give the family something fun to decorate during the holidays. 

3. Add lavender to the flower beds.

Lavender not only smells fantastic, but it’s a low maintenance pest deterrent. 

4. Install Hardscaping

Hardscaping is excellent for those of you who want to mow less. Hardscaping is any of the non-living elements in your landscape design. Turn a large portion of your backyard into a patio. You can use concrete, asphalt, bricks, or even stones. 

5. Choose the right perennials. 

Some perennials require a lot of nurturing to keep them coming back each year. Choose low maintenance perennials such as tulips and daffodils. 

6. Consider adding potted plants. 

Potted plants are an excellent way to control how large your plants get. They are also a flexible planting option because you can move them around for a new layout. 

7. Create an outdoor living space.

More outdoor space means more chances to enjoy the outdoors and less work for you. Creating outdoor living spaces lends itself to low-maintenance landscaping because you can extend your home while having fewer grassy areas to care for.

You don’t’ have to invest a lot of time and energy to make your yard beautiful. There are so many low maintenance landscaping ideas that will make your lawn something you’ll enjoy. 

What other low maintenance landscaping ideas have you used? 

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