Summer and spring are the home-buying seasons. Right? Actually, would it surprise you to know that winter might turn out to be the best time? Yes, it’s cold. Yes, moving in winter weather is a pain. But there are quite a few reasons why you should buy a home in the winter. Here’s why.

Less Competition

The same reasons you may have wrinkled your nose at the notion of house shopping in the winter is the same reason you’ll have less competition. Not everyone’s willing to house hunt in freezing temps. 

Forty percent of home sales occur in May, June, July, and August. That number is less than six percent in January and February. For sellers, this isn’t great news. But for buyers, it’s a time to rejoice.

Lower Home Prices & Motivated Sellers

Home prices change with the seasons. In winter, home prices tend to be at their lowest, especially in January and February. You could increase your chances of getting the house you want; at a price you can afford when you buy a home in the winter. 

Sellers are also more motivated to sell, which may give buyers an upper hand. Most people put their homes on the market in winter because they need to. They may be looking to get out fast and more willing to negotiate. 

Assess the Home’s Condition in Winter

If you buy a home in the winter, you’ll get a better idea of what you’re in for on the home’s worst days. Winter puts stress on a home. A home that might seem perfect in spring could look much different in the winter. 

You’ll see things in the winter that you can’t in other months. For example:

  • Is the driveway going to be a pain to shovel? 
  • Are there ice dams on the roof? 
  • How does the curb appeal hold up to barren trees and shrubs? 

Just as you’d judge a first date for showing up in a tracksuit, it’s your chance to be extra critical. After all, buying a home is a significant purchase and commitment. 

Real Estate Agent Can Focus on You

During the slower winter months, your real estate agent has more time to focus on you. With fewer buyers, agents can better help you find the right home, negotiate the best deal, and quickly close the transaction. 

Booking Movers is Easier

Movers are usually booked solid in spring and summer. But in the winter, they are slow. A slow-down in business means lower costs for you. Most movers are more willing to negotiate moving costs if you’re moving in the winter. 

Quicker Transactions

Homebuying in the winter may mean faster closing. Just like movers, mortgage brokers are busiest in the spring and summer. They could be backed up for weeks, which is frustrating when your closing is planned around your lender’s schedule. But, things slow down by 25-30 percent in winter. You could be in your home sooner than expected. Nothing wrong with that, right? 

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